HEMSTAD International Trade Show & Showroom Management

Hemstad is a new-generation international trade and showroom management organization set out to revive the outdated exhibition mentality that needs a change. 5 days exhibitions are just not enough for a company to do successful business as many companies return with little to no success. Hemstad provides showrooms and staff 365-days a year in Dubai, Moscow and 7 other cities with high demand for construction and building materials.

We do the work

Hemstad also provides the following:


-Professional staff capable of interacting with customers at your showroom.

 -Promotion strategies, billboards, social media and other advertising tools.

-Sales support, CRM management, customer targeting and market advice.

-Lowest cost policy.


The goal of Hemstad is to connect manufacturers with high calibre customers in the most accurate targeting strategy all year long in exhibition equipped with high-tech interactive showrooms and a dynamic team of professionals assisting you in every way and driving your business to success 365 days a year at the cost of a 4-day exhibition. Working with Hemstad allows traders and exhibitors to do business without legal restrictions. You don`t need an office or you don`t need to own a limited company in Dubai to do business. Hemstad 365 is the easiest way to reach your customers without the problems that other providers face.


Dubai, home to 15.000 construction projects

One of HEMSTAD 365 established locations, known for its wealth and high demanding industries, Dubai is one of the world’s richest metropolitan cities. Home to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, Dubai is the shopping capital in the Middle East and has been one of the world’s largest construction and development industries.

 Setting up business in Dubai can be costly and time-consuming, the registration process and legal issues require expert guidance to open a business. With Hemstad, clients are not required to go through this process. Normally, foreign participation in these initiatives is limited to 49 percent, but an alternative option is to open a branch and the room will be very costly,HEMSTAD 365 covers everything from A to Z.

The show goes on 365 days a year , with the cost of a 5-day trade fair.

Hemstad has set out to help manufacturers grow their business on an international scale and act as a gateway to exportation and international trade.