History of Labour Day !

Allny Bygg

09 September 2019

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Labour Day or also known as 1st of May, May Day is an internationally recognized celebration day honouring the struggles and rights of labour workers around the world.

It began with protests in 1880`s North America demanding that workdays be 10-12 hours.

Not so long, about a few days later an explosion occurred in a marketplace on the 1st of May and it was officially declared that this day would be the memorial of labourers and lost ones.

With its name more associated with political acts and events in the recent decades, the labourer movement it represents has played a major role in setting the standards in the workplace around the world gradually in over a century. Taking a glimpse back into the near history and a brief comparison can help one appreciate the current circumstances and opportunities today. If not all royally rich, there is no doubt that we are more fortunate than our previous generations.

Labour Day Story

Labourer day can be related with Safety in workplace day which is celebrated 3 days prior on the 28th of April to encourage and raise awareness on workplace and occupational health and safety which greatly involves the industrial workforce. Throughout the years, personal PPE equipment and constantly developing precautions around the workplace have risen the bar in workers’ health & safety with focus to every detail right down to sophisticated approaches in executing daily tasks and processes have ensured their safety on-site and long-term rights such as health insurance and pensionary aid.

Labour Day 2020

It`s amusing to watch a skyscraper or major construction develop passing by on your daily commute, it can`t go by without appreciation and credit on progress and how rapid and organized such a complex structure can be built. What we don`t see mostly from the outside is the intense precautions and protocols that must be implemented by every person that takes part in the construction, one mistake by an operator can set off a chain reaction that could endanger many on-site. This shows the level of responsibility, experience and hard work each construction company must put in every day of the project.


This year in 2020, Health and Safety in the workplace has been dedicated to the fight against covid-19 the global pandemic that has strongly influenced our lives and almost brought the world to a halt. The importance of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and precautions have never been so obvious In the near future. Many different lessons have been taken from this event In the time that we have had to think and consider our ways. It is still uncertain what new measures will be introduced once the virus has been eradicated but we hope that they are in favour of health and safety in the workplace and all areas of social life.